Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to make Home Made Ink

Home Made Ink Ingredients: 

Steel Wool 
Glass Jar with a lid 
1/2 c white vinegar 
1/2 c water 
2 teabags 
Plastic or glass cup 
1/2 tbsp white glue
 Paintbrush or feather 


Place steel wool in a jar with the vinegar, place in the sun for 24 hours, can be inside through a window.

 Boil the water in a pot, then add the teabags, remove from heat and steep for 3 minutes. 

Measure 3 Tbsp of the steel wool vinegar into a cup, add 3 Tbsp of tea, it's amazing how dark it gets combined. 

Mix in the glue (I had to blendtec it to get it mixed in well. 

Then it's ready to be used. If you are using a feather, cut the tip off at an angle.