Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The last two days of China


After breakfast I took Wenwen for a really long walk.  Knowing it was my last day in Guangzhou I wanted to see if there was anything left to be seen within walking distance.  The exercise felt good, but I didn't really see anything new.  Zandra stayed behind and enjoyed a break from the non-stop chatter that is Wenwen.

We checked out of the hotel at 3, but then had to wait at the hotel for an hour until Kelly came for us.  All four of the families who were adopting in our group were there waiting with us as well.  Wenwen quickly got bored and angry.  I wouldn't let him climb up on the furniture and jump off of it in the lobby and he commenced with the biggest fit to date.  He was a little more violent this time and tried kicking me.  I had to hold him tight to keep him from either climbing on the furniture or kicking me.  I was speaking to him in his language the whole time, letting him know what was acceptable and what was not ok.  It lasted for at least a half hour before he gave up and decided to sit on the floor and ignore the entire world.  After about 20 minutes of that I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom and he decided he could handle doing that.  When we returned, it was time to go, and we were friends again.

We left at 4:15 for the train station, we were scheduled to leave for Hong Kong at 5:33.  When we got to the platform there was a line forming, and only 20 minutes until we were to leave so Zandra and I decided we should wait in line so we could be in the front.  That was a bad call for several reasons.  The train didn't actually board until close to 6, and we got more and more impatient by the minute.  And once they opened the doors the line didn't matter.  People crowded in from all sides and just took off toward the doors.  I wonder why anyone lined up at all, I doubt the several hundred people waiting were all first time travelers...

The train was nice, it had a TON of leg room so we were very comfortable.  They came through selling tiny ice creams and I didn't buy any.  Wenwen talked the whole ride about how he had never in his life, ever, ever, eaten ice cream.  They later came through selling whole cooked chickens (steamed in plastic bags?).  I also didn't buy those.

While we were in Jinan I had asked our guide, Michael, how long this train ride would be.  He told me it would be about 6 hours.  So we were prepared for a long ride.  Turns out he misunderstood my question and told me how long it would take to get from Jinan to Kowloon.  We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in just 2 hours.

Scary "Taxi"
We took a scary ride to the hotel with a man in a van.  The van was old, but who cares.  We were tired and ready to be done with the journey.  The hotel looked nice, but in the morning there was a roach in bed with Zandra.  Pretty gross.  Come on, Marriott, step it up!

Oct 17th

It was pretty sad to travel to Kowloon and Hong Kong, and not be able to see any of it.  We left for the airport bright and early.  Our flight went from Hong Kong to Tokyo, from Tokyo to Seattle.

He had never been on such a long flight before.  We didn't know how he might react to it.  Zandra asked what we would do if he flipped out the whole time, I told her I brought a ton of food and we would just stuff him if need be.  Thankfully it didn't come to that!  We finally flew during daylight so he could see that we were in the sky.  He was very amazed and it was fun to see that emotion on his face.  It was not scary at all, he didn't feel sick, and he is just a wonderful traveler.

On the plane leaving Hong Kong.
The man by the window wouldn't open it so Kekoa could look out.
It was kind of sad.  He was able to see the sky from across the aisle when the plane turned.