Friday, September 26, 2014

The price of yoga classes

Our first gathering of Fireflies, Toddler yoga

My prices:

$2 per person per class, bring your own mat.  Same price for toddlers, kids, teens and adults.  My price won't stay so low forever, but I am happy with this price for now.

I choose to charge only $2 for my classes because I want people to be able to afford to come to yoga, and have yoga for their kids.  After school activities are so expensive these days, I don't want to contribute to that, and I think that parents should be able to put their kids in lessons if they want to.  Cost shouldn't keep these kids from having the experience.

Take a gander at the rest of this list so you can see where I fit in.  I compiled this list because even though I charge so little, the classes I teach are worth just as much as these more expensive classes.  I've spent time and money learning how to teach yoga, just like the teachers in these studios below.  When you pay a small amount for something, it's possible to devalue it or view it as disposable; and yoga is not disposable! :)

Classes for adults around the country:

Hot Yoga in Olympia, WA: $15 per class

Yoga Loft in Olympia, WA: $7-12 per class

Infused 4 U in Lacey, WA: $8-10 per class

Dharma Yoga Center in NYC, New York: $17-22 per class

My Hot Yoga in Missouri: $15 per class

Sun Yoga Tampa in Florida: $15 per class

Blackbird Yoga in Arizona: $7-15 per class

Classes for toddlers around the country:

Besides me, I can't seem to find any toddler yoga in my area to compare regionally.

Om Kids in Rhode Island: $16 per week (not sure how many classes this gets you each week, guessing 2-4)

Karma Kids in NYC, New York: $25 per class if you prepay for 20 classes, $30 drop in.

It's Yoga Kids in San Francisco, CA: $20 per class

Sweet Feet Yoga in Iowa: $6.25 per class when you prepay for 6 weeks (two times a week)

Classes for Teens around the country:

Yoga 4 Girls, Olympia, WA: $275-500 for a one week workshop. (25 hours all together)

Brookhaven Fitness, Georgia: $90 for 6 classes.

Franklin Yoga, Massachusetts: $60 for 6 classes.

Prana Yoga Center, California: $15 per class

Move Yoga, Oregon: $72 for 6 classes