Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chinese Names

We finally all have Chinese names.  

Chris got his name given to him when he served his mission in Taiwan.  

I was given my name when I did my Chinese Language training at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.

Taiten was given a Japanese name at birth, by total accident, and that names translates nicely into Chinese.

Kaia was given a Norwegian name, part of her heritage, so we got to make up her Chinese name.

Kekoa was born in China and came to us with a Chinese name, of course. 

And because I think it's fun, here they all are:

Chris  孔仰轩 (Kong Yangxuan)

Britta 白蕾 (Ou Bailei)

Taiten 孔大天 (Kong Datian)

Kaia 孔恺月 (Kong Kaiyue)

Kekoa 郝光汉 (Hao Guanghan) and they called him by this nickname, 文文 (Wenwen)