Friday, April 17, 2015

Taiten is 11 Years Old!

Throwback photo from a couple years ago.

It's Taiten's Birthday today!!!  He's 11 years old now.  (It's also one of his cousin's birthdays too, Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!)

I can never believe how old he is and I never feel old enough to have a kid as old as him. I have it on good authority that the feeling never goes away.  A friend of mine is 80 years old and she doesn't feel old enough to have a son who is 55, I asked her!

Today is a school day and he wanted to make Resurrection Rolls to take to his classmates, so even though it is not Easter, that's just what we did.  He made the biscuit dough by himself, and he even doubled the recipe.

This evening, Chris and I are taking him to a middle school production of Oliver.  One of his friends is in it so I think it will be really fun for him.

Taiten at 11 years old:


Star Wars
Doctor Who
Being squished
Legos infinity times
Minecraft, Star Wars Lego video games etc.

Really good at:

Writing in cursive
Following a recipe 
Lego creations
Being silly in photos

Does not like:

Doing the dishes
Any of his nicknames