Tuesday, September 9, 2014

5 Minute Meditation

I had an epiphany today about meditation.  I found a beautiful space on my drive home from dropping kids off at school.  I had just a few minutes today where I could stop and check it out, and I decided it would be the perfect spot for meditation.  So for just a few minutes I sat there and experienced peace and divine love.
I made this meme today because for the first couple minutes this is what happened.

True story of meditation today

So I sat there and laughed at the absurdity of what my mind was creating, and was then able to set it aside and just focus on the peace that meditation brings.  Five minutes was enough to get to a quiet, still, peaceful place.  And I'm feeling better for it.

Those die-hard meditation fans out there won't like this, and that's ok.  Five minutes is nothing like a 30 minute or 45 minute meditation.  But today it was lovely and perfect and just what I needed.  I don't often take 30 minutes to meditate, and I believe that 5 minutes once a day is much better than 30 minutes once a week.

If you have a hard time trying meditation because you can only handle a few minutes, then I have the answer for you.  Start where you are!  Don't  judge your meditation practice.  If 3 or 5 minutes is all you can handle, then do it joyfully, laugh and the crazy things your mind comes up with to distract you, and then let the thoughts to.  Take the guilt out of it and just go for it.  You will find that peace that is inside of you.  You can work up to a longer practice, or if you are happy where you are,  stay there and take that moment of peace just for yourself.